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The real Pisces Horoscope revealed by a world-famous astrologer. If your birth date falls between February 19 and March 20, your zodiac sign is Pisces.
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Clash: Zodiac [Dragon] , Direction [North]. Clash: Zodiac [Snake] , Direction [West]. The Solar Hijri calendar year begins at the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere : on the midnight between the two consecutive solar noons , which include the instant of the March equinox , when the sun enters the Northern Hemisphere. Hence, the first noon is on the last day of one calendar year and the second noon is on the first day Nowruz of the next year.

The first six months Farvardin—Shahrivar have 31 days, the next five Mehr—Bahman have 30 days, and the last month Esfand has 29 days or 30 days in leap years. This is a simplification of the Jalali calendar, in which the commencement of the month is tied to the sun's passage from one zodiacal sign to the next.


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The sun is travelling fastest through the signs in early January Dey and slowest in early July Tir. The current time between the vernal equinox and the autumnal equinox is about days and 10 hours, the opposite duration about days, 20 hours. The Solar Hijri calendar produces a five-year leap year interval after about every seven four-year leap year intervals. It usually follows a year subcycle with occasional interruptions by a single year subcycle, or rarely a year subcycle. The reason for this behaviour is as explained above that it tracks the observed vernal equinox.

By contrast, some less accurate predictive algorithms are suggested based on confusion between the average tropical year The first day of the calendar year, Nowruz "New Day" , is the greatest festival of the year in Iran, Afghanistan and surrounding regions. The celebration is filled with many festivities and runs a course of 13 days, the last day of which is called siz-dah bedar "13 to outdoor".

The Afghan Persian month names are the signs of Zodiac. They were used in Iran in early 20th century when the solar calendar was being used.

Pisces Horoscope 2020

In the Iranian calendar, every week begins on Saturday and ends on Friday. In some Islamic countries, Friday is the weekly holiday. Calculating the day of the week is easy, using an anchor date.

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One good such date is Sunday, 1 Farvardin , which equals 21 March Assuming the year cycle approximation, move back by one weekday to jump ahead by one year cycle. Similarly, to jump back by one year cycle, move ahead by one weekday. As in the Gregorian calendar, dates move forward exactly one day of the week with each passing year, except if there is an intervening leap day when they move two days.

The anchor date 1 Farvardin is chosen so that its 4th, 8th, The Solar Hijri year begins about 21 March of each Gregorian year and ends about 20 March of the next year. Total control in design. Easy implementation. Free Biorhythms Compatibility Chart Compare your energy level with your lover or anyone by using the Biorhythm charts. Interact with them more successfully now! Find out from the FREE psychic test! Check the love zodiac compatibility with your partner using Sun Signs!

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